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Kindle PaperwhitePeople can read Amazon Kindle books on Kindle eReaders, Kindle Fire tablets as well as other smart devices with Kindle apps installed. Generally, once a device is registered to an Amazon account, all Kindle books under that account will be synced automatically with Internet connected.

However, if we want to read non-Amazon books on Kindle or purchased Kindle books do not shown on the device due to a connection problem, we will have to transfer books from computer to Kindle manually. This guide will tell you how to transfer books to Kindle, Kindle Fire (HD), Kindle Paparwhite, Kindle for Android/iPad app from PC or Mac.

Step 1. Make sure your personal books are MOBI format(drm free)

Amazon Kindle does not support EPUB books, but supports MOBI (DRM-free) and PDF formats. I personally prefer MOBI to PDF because the former is more flexible and better for reading.

But most of books we downloaded from torrent sites are often EPUB files. If you want to transfer these books to Kindle for reading, the perfect solution is converting them to Mobi.

And If you want to transfer eBooks purchased from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony or other stores to Kindle, things will be a little tough. These books are typically DRM protected so we can't directly convert the formats. Instead, we have to strip the DRM restrictions first. DRM-protected PDF books also have to be decrypted because Kindle only supports DRM-free PDF.

In a word, before transferring files to Kindle, we should comfirm 2 points: Files are DRM free; files are Kindle Mobi format.

Download Epubor DRM Removal tool:


How to use Epubor DRM Removal

Step 2. Transfer books to Kindle, Kindle Fire(HD) and Kindle apps from computer

Once the books are open MOBI or PDF, we can easily transfer them from PC/Mac to Kindle, Paperwhite, Kindle Fire (HD), Kindle for Android / iPad app with USB or wirelessly.

To transfer books to Kindle

1 Connect your device to computer via USB.

2 Double click the drive to open it and view the folders.

3 Select the item you want to transfer (mobi or pdf).

4 Copy books to the folder (documents) under Kindle drive.

5 Or you can also use the Send-to-Kindle email address.

For each case below, I mainly explain how to transfer MOBI eBooks to Kindle with USB, which also works on PDF docs. To transfer books to Kindle without a USB cable, you should first find out the device email address (mentioned in each case), then send your books to the given device/app address.

1. Transfer MOBI/PDF books to Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and other Kindle E-ink readers

Here I take the Kindle Paperwhite for example.

1 Connect the Kindle device to computer with the USB cable. It will be recognised as a "Kindle" drive.

2Drag and drop the MOBI books to the "documents" folder under Kindle drive.

copy books to Kindle Paperwhite

3 Eject Kindle from computer. The loaded books will display under "Device" shelf.

Transfer books to Kindle Paperwhite

Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address of Kindle Paperwhite:

Tap the menu icon (top right corner) from the home screen, then "Settings" -> "Device Options" -> "Personalize your Kindle" -> "Send-to-Kindle E-mail".

Kindle Paperwhite-send to Kindle email address

For conventional Kindle, select "Settings" from the home screen menu and use the Next page and Previous Page buttons to get the Send-to-Kindle E-mail.

2. Transfer MOBI/PDF books to Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

Here I take the Kindle Fire for example.

How to transfer MOBI or PDF books to Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD with USB:

1 Connect your Kindle Fire (HD) to computer with the USB cable and it will be recognized as a Kindle drive.

2 Copy and paste your MOBI books to the "Books" folder under the Kindle Fire (HD) Drive.

copy books to Kindle Fire HD

3 Check the transferred books by tapping "Books" (on the top menu bar) then "Device".

Transfer books to Kindle Fire (HD)

Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address of Kindle Fire:

Tap the top right corner, select "More..." -> "My Account" to get the device email address.

Kindle Fire (HD) -send to Kindle email address

Note that Kindle Fire (HD) does not come with a USB cable. If you don't have a USB cable, get the Send-to-Kindle email address of the Kindle Fire and transfer MOBI or PDF books to it wirelessly.

3. Transfer MOBI/PDF books to Kindle for Android app

Here I take the Nexus 7 for example.

1 Connect your Android tablet or smart phone to PC.

2 Go to the "Kindle" folder of your Android device storage. Copy and paste the MOBI books to that folder.

copy books to Kindle Android

3 Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of Kindle app, then select "On Device" to check the transferred books.

Transfer books to Kindle Android app

Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address of Kindle for Android app:

Tap the menu icon (top left corner), then "Setting" to get the "Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address".

Kindle Android app-send to Kindle email address

4. Transfer MOBI/PDF books to iPad / iPod / iPhone Kindle app

There is no way to directly transfer MOBI books to Kindle iPad / iPod / iPhone app with iTunes. In this case, we can use Kindle email system to send personal MOBI books to the email address of Kindle for iPad app. PDF files can be transferred to iPad with iTunes (opened with iBooks by default) or with Kindle for iPad email address (opened with Kindle for iPad app by default).

Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address of Kindle for iPad app:

Tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner and select "Send-to-Kindle Email Address".

Transfer books to Kindle iPad - send to Kindle email address

5. Transfer MOBI/PDF books to Kindle wirelessly (without a USB cable)

As long as we know the email addresses of the Kindle devices or apps, we will be able to send DRM-free MOBI and PDF books to Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire (HD), Kindle for Android / iPad app wirelessly.

1 Add your own (sender) email address to Kindle Approved Personal Document E-mail List.

Visit Manage Your Kindle to sign in, go to "Your Kindle Account" from the left side menu and select "Personal Document Settings". Pay attention to the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" and select "Add a new approved e-mail address." Enter your e-mail address then click "Add Address."

send to Kindle - add to list

2 Compose an empty email (empty subject and empty body), attach your MOBI or PDF docs and input the Send-to-Kindle E-mail address to send.

send to Kindle - compose

Tap sync icon on the Kindle device or Kindle app. In minutes, you will find the sent MOBI and PDF docs under "All Items" and "Docs" category (Cloud). (This screenshot was taken on Nexus 7.)

received books through "send to Kindle" email address


1. When you transfer PDF books to Kindle from computer, you will find the books not shown under "Books" (on device) shelf or category. That's right. PDF books typically display under "Docs" (on device) shelf.

2. If your purchased Kindle books are not auto synced due to the Internet issue, you can download the books to your computer (Amazon site -> "Manage Your Kindle" under "Your Account" - > "Your devices and content; - > "Deliver to my..." -> "Download and transfer via USB") to download the books to your computer. The downloaded books are typically AZW3. Transfer them to your Kindle device or app according to steps above.

That's all. This guide is based on Windows OS, but it also works if you want to transfer books to Kindle from Mac. As long as the books are not protected and converted to Kindle supported formats (MOBI or PDF), we will be able to read eBooks from other sources without confining to Amazon.


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

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Very useful. Thanks
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Great post. Thanks very much.
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Thank you for the post, it was really helpful.
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I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts.
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This article is so informative. It really incited interest in me on many points. I agree with much of your views here. Your material has ignited my brain into thinking harder. Thank you so much.
08/20/2015 11:56:14
Thank You!
01/3/2016 14:47:29
Thanks so much for the wonderful advice and coloumn.  I have so many gift cards for Indigo (Kobo) yet I own a Kindle paperwhite.  This software has enabled me to use my gift cards to purchase books for free and then read them on my Kindle.  The instructions are very clear.  I've not had any glitches.  Wonderful!!!
05/12/2016 12:24:00
Thank you so much!  I spent 5 hours trying to transfer using the USB cable.  Your send-by-email instructions worked perfectly.  
10/4/2016 19:01:09
Thanks for this. It's a big help!
01/10/2017 16:05:28
Thanks alot
07/26/2017 09:57:08
Worked like a dream. I can't believe how easy this was to transfer from Kobo to my Kindle Paperwhite.
I was leery of this and thought that like other help from internet sources, I'd get through a gazillion steps only to find that there were a gazillion more complicated ones and either have to give up in frustration or hit a road block and have to give up. Not with Epubor! Follow the steps and it will work. Epubor to my PC; Kobo to my PC; Kobo to Epubor; boom; convert to MOBI; bam; plug Kindle to PC; drag and drop Kobo MOBI formatted books to Kindle; bam what! Eject Kindle from PC; go to Library on PC and books (with cover art) are automatically popping up! Open books; No Prob! Read & enjoy! Thanks SO much! Novice completed on first try! BML/July 2017
07/26/2017 16:52:23
Thank you for your comments. We are glad to know that this software can solve your problem.
11/19/2017 02:43:45
I have been working on this all morning and thanks to this post, I am finally able to transfer my books to my kindle paper white. Thank you!
03/27/2018 22:19:38
Thanks for this info.
01/16/2019 02:13:13

Just tap the file and tap share to kindle on android devices..

The method on here didn't work for me.

02/8/2019 14:05:09
This did not work for me, I tried both programs, Epupbor and Ultimate. I was able to convert my Kobo files to mobi, but then they would not transfer.  There is not "on Device" tab on my Kindle Fire 7th Gen.  Tried copying and pasting, transfering, etc.  The books are NOT on my Kindle device.
02/11/2019 10:07:53
Thank you for using Epubor software. Epubor software can handle books downloaded via kindle/KOBO desktop application, kindle/Kobo ein ink device, not included Kindle fire which is a tablet.
06/24/2019 01:53:50
try the new free app send to kindle for mobile is amazing, you find it on play store is name is send to kindle
10/13/2019 20:14:50
Epubor had an issue with the last couple of pages of a PDF file I was trying to convert, but when I removed those pages it worked really well. However, as Tory mentioned above, on my Sony Xperia XZ2, I can't find a "Kindle" subdirectory anywhere on my device. Using Root access to Android and was able to locate the Kindle-App but nowhere can I find anything that even remotely looks like a repository/directory for the actual Kindle books. I'm pretty familiar with Linux but a complete newbee with Android, so maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
10/14/2019 19:42:54

Problem solved - at least for me. When my Kindle Paperwhite crashed, I decided to install the Kindle-App on my smartphone as a temporary solution. Then had a problem with the missing Kindle directory - i.e. no place to transfer files to. The solution turned out to be easy:
From my PC, I created the missing "Kindle" directory manually, directly under "Internal shared storage". Then copied my files to it. Worked!

May take a minute after transferring files before the Kindle-app detects them.

02/5/2020 02:05:52

when im trying to download my e-books, it doesn't give me the option to "Download and transfer via USB" (it gives only the option to deliver to the app)
what should i do?


02/5/2020 02:11:42
found the option to download to usb, but it says -
"You have selected content that is not compatible with any of your registered devices. Please remove incompatible content from selection for eligible devices to appear."
02/6/2020 09:29:25
Yes, some textbooks only can be read  with the latest version of kindle for pc/mac. And it depends by the Amazon.
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