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Most of the ebook lovers have kindle books at hand. Amazon indeed offers us very nice reading resources. But not all Kindle fans choose Kindle device to read, and in fact there are a large number of people love Kobo devices while they love Kindle eBooks. Then, if you want to read kindle books on your favorite Kobo devices, you need to transfer kindle books to Kobo.

However, we know that Amazon Kindle has its own kindle DRM and kindle formats like kfx, mobi, azw3 and etc. Kobo devices cannot recognize these kindle formats. Hereby we have to figure out a way to remove kindle DRM first and then convert kindle books to the ebook format that Kobo supports. After this, we will be able to transfer kindle books to Kobo to read.

And this article can be seen as the answer to the question "How to read Kindle books on Kobo". You will discover the detailed information in the following part.

In theory, we need three steps to transfer Kindle books to Kobo:

In this article, we will introduce 2 easy solutions to do the job.

1. Convert Kindle Books to EPUB then Transfer to Kobo

1 Get Kindle Books Ready on Your Computer

If you read Kindle books with E-Ink Kindle eReader, make sure they have been downloaded into the Kindle.

If you are reading Kindle books with Kindle reading apps, then you need to download the Kindle books to computer via Kindle for PC/Mac. Detailed instruction is here.

1. Download Kindle for PC/Mac on your computer.

Now you can use the latest version of kindle for PC (Version 2.0) and Kindle for Mac (Version 1.40) to download kindle books and remove drm with Epubor Ultimate.

2. Run the Kindle for PC/Mac and sign in with your Amazon account. Then all your Kindle books will be sync to the library automatically.Click the kindle book cover to download kindle books to your computer.

download Kindle books to computer

The downloaded kindle books are usually saved in "C:\Users\User name\Documents\My Kindle Content".

If you don't want to find them by this way, you can directly click on the "Tools">"Options">"Content" to see the content folder information. You can also chage the folder to store your Kindle book as you like.

find the downloaded kindle books

2 Remove Kindle DRM and Convert Kindle Books to EPUB With Epubor Ultimate

The second thing you need to do is to convert Kindle books to Kobo. Kobo devices can not read Kindle books directly because all Kindle books are protected with Kindle DRM, so let's remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle books to EPUB format that Kobo devices support.

1. Download and run Epubor Ultimate.

It's a powerful tool that can both remove ebook DRM and convert ebook formats. We need it to remove DRM from the Kindle books and then convert Kindle formats to epub.


2. Drag and drop the Kindle books from the left to right blank zone.

As long as your Kindle books are downloaded successfully to your computer, they will all appear under the "Kindle“ tab at the left column. Just drag and drop the books from the left to the right blank zone. The DRM will be removed in a second with "Decrypted" showing.

convert kindle formats to epub

3. Choose epub as the output format and click on the button "Convert to EPUB" to start converting.


When the conversion is finished, you can click on the folder icon or "Succeeded" at the end of each title to find the converted epub books.

Tips: You can also set PDF as the target output format. You know Some eReaders can recognize PDF files more friendly such as Sony DPT-CP1. If you want to know more you can read this article how to convert Kindle to PDF.

3 Transfer DRM-free EPUB Files to Kobo

Now you get the decrypted and converted kindle books, or we can say the newly-got epub books. They can be read freely on Kobo, Nook, Sony eReaders or any ebook Reader app. They are DRM-free epub books now.

All you need now is just to connect your Kobo eReader to you computer with USB cable, coppy the newly-got DRM-free epub books to it. Then you will be able to enjoy them on your Kobo device.

Solution 2. Transfer Kindle books to Kobo with Kindle Transfer

I guess you may be thinking that "Transfer Kindle books to Kobo with USB is the easiest way. I do not need any another extra program." But actually, the tool Kindle Transfer is not as simple as you might think. It's a useful software which can help us transfer Kindle books to Kobo with ease, even though your Kindle books are DRM protected. It will automatically decrypt Kindle DRM and convert your Kindle books to Kobo supported formats. It's rather amazing, right? I guess you don't want to miss it!

Simply connect your Kindle, Kobo to computer, select target Kobo device, and click "Transfer" button. All the files will be transferred soon.

transfer kindle books to kobo to read

As the image shows, we can not only copy Kindle books from computer to our Kobo device, but also transfer Kindle books from Kindle e-Ink reader to Kobo eReader.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: After transferring Kindle to Kobo, book cover doesn't display on my new Kobo device.

A: Though I don't know why but the solution I can share with you is, rename your book file extension from .epub to .kepub.epub, then you will see the cover of the transferred book.

Voila! Now you can read all your Kindle books on your Kobo devices. We have to admit that Epubor Ultimate and Kindle Transfer are both powerful and efficient tools with rather clean and user-friendly interface. Let's enjoy Kindle books on your Kobo now!


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

09/8/2016 08:04:13
Kindle transfer says book successfully transferred from my kindle content to kobo Vox but nothing showing in the kobo??????
12/25/2018 07:24:19
Me too... is so frustrating!
12/25/2018 22:12:32
Please contact Epubor support team about this issue. Support email: support@epubor.com or get the instant answer via skype: epubor.alice@gmail.com
03/5/2017 03:33:34
This was not helpful to me as epub would not open on my pc
07/26/2017 22:33:31
That's because epub is for e-readers only dumb ass.
11/6/2017 08:26:35
You can read epubs on PC too. For example you can get an addon for Chrome that turns into an epub reader.
03/11/2017 05:31:21
Thanks - Converted to Ebpub and PDF perfectly! No issues.  Used Solution1
04/1/2017 07:31:16
Was a good program but I think a update to Kobo stopped it. The program no longer sees the Kobo attached to it, no matter what I or Epubor support tried nothing worked The computer can see the Kobo, Calibre can see the Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions can see the Kobo. Infact everything else can see the Kobo attached but this program which is a shame as up to the that point it worked really well and did indead make the process much easier. Now I use their ultimate program to convert formats and then use Calibre to transfer. There has not been any update to this software, so I think it has been left behind the Kobo updates which have unfortunately rendered it useless. Epubor did to their credit refund me. So no hard feeling to the company. I hope one day they do update this as I would heartily recommend if it worked
05/28/2018 17:27:33


Epubor team updated the Kindle Transfer product already and now it supports Kobo KEPUB files transferring. You can have a free trial.

12/19/2017 10:16:39
Simply save the files on PC, and transfer them via Explorer,
01/27/2019 02:04:53
Do the original kindle books remain as they are , so I therefore have the same book in 2 formats?
01/29/2019 14:57:45
Yes, we won't delete any of your original Kindle files. After drm removed and formats converted, you will get new files (but with the same layout and contents).
02/14/2019 22:38:18
I dont usually post comments but this had to be said, "Download upobor for free". Its not free. Its basically clickbait and once you open it they want $30 from you. Mind you, $30 isnt a lot of money but to trick you into thinking youre getting something for free and then youre not is disrespectful and deceitful in my opinion.
02/15/2019 10:34:09
Epubor is a terrific software company. The trial version software is absolutely free. If you think the software is useful for you, then you can consider buying it. If you purchase Epubor software mistakenly, please request refund on your side to get your money back.
12/12/2019 06:53:44
Agree with Mark. It's misleading, and the answer to the feedback a bit defensive... "Download free trial version" might be an easy way to solve it. Just sayin'!
02/26/2021 03:12:04
No offense but "Epubor is a terrific software company." Is not a very meaningful statement coming from Epubor... Of course you think you're great. Steve is the coolest most attractive person that has ever lived.
03/5/2019 07:28:44
I found it excellent to use its so easy i love kobo. E reader but books are to expensive so i biy on kindle transfer them over fast and easy after free trial well worth 22 euro a year. Great service
03/7/2019 09:54:51
Glad to know you love our software.
05/12/2019 20:55:03
Converted my kindle books to epub with epubor ultimate, transfer to kobo went well ... then  I get a message on Kobo when I open the book that only 20% of the book has been transferred because of the decryption and that I need to register and get the correct format...... frustrating !!!
01/8/2020 02:08:22
Same here, did the transfer and now I realise I've wasted my time as you get only "samples".
Considering getting a license but 25$/year or 50$ permanent is a joke in my opinion. Very disappointed.
04/25/2020 21:14:07
Is there any way to do this on a Chromebook? I haven't used a Windows device in years.
04/26/2020 09:22:14
Thank you for your message. Epubor software only works on Windows and Mac platform.
09/20/2020 15:55:38
Hi. This was very helpful, however, when I opened up the downloaded book, it only came up with a trial. I used the first version. Is this an issue with the Epubor Ultimate, with Amazon or something else?
09/23/2020 09:22:27
What does you mean 'Came up with a trial"? Have you registered epubor software? If not , please register it and then use it to convert your books. Then you will get the whole content.
02/16/2021 19:44:45
Very helpful. The first solution did not work for me; had to pay money(?). So I tried solution 2 and now I can read my Kindle book on my Kobo e-reader.
04/10/2021 00:43:00
Downloaded the Free epubor kindle transfer, now it is asking me for a license email & registration code?
Not sure what to do now
04/12/2021 09:28:54
Thank you for using our software. You can just close the registration windows and then use the trial version.
Have a nice day.
04/10/2021 00:52:34

Ok so now my books are showing in the kindle transfer page however on the bottom where it say Target: no device connected & the TRANSFER button is not highlighted so won’t work.
My Kobo is connected to my laptop

Need guidance to transfer to my Kobo

04/12/2021 09:41:08
Thank you for using kindle transfer. We are sincerely sorry for this issue. To transfer kindle books to kobo device, you can also use Epubor Ultimate to help you. Here is the detailed guide: https://www.epubor.com/transfer-kindle-books-to-kobo.html#method1
04/24/2021 17:27:42
Article is only focused on the epubor software, and nowhere does it state that the software you're downloading isn't actually free but will require to be bought in order to fully work.
Software works great, sales tactics aren't that great.
12/22/2021 19:04:07
I dont think this tutorial works because with Kindle 1.24 you cannot login to amazon any more.
06/12/2022 00:33:35
Does not work at all.
03/30/2024 16:38:03

I have a few Kindle books the rest are Kobo and Google books.

I purchased the new Kobo Clara 2e, it's good but I can't get my 141 Google books onto my Kobo.

Adobe digital editions doesn't seem to work on my Chromebook and I have about 15 days left to return the Clara if I can't bring my Google books accross.

Would this solution work if I used it to resolve my issue.

Thank you in advance.


04/1/2024 08:46:41
Thank you for your comments. If the ADOEB doesn't work on your computer, then there is no way to transfer your google play books to your Kobo device.
In such case, you may need to find a computer with windows or mac system  to help you finish this task.
The truth is no Adobe DIgital Editions only  works on Window and Mac system.
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