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08/5/2012 18:17:34
Works just perfectly.
I didn't imagine that I can convert the DRMed eBooks to the format I want so easily.
Thanks you guys.
07/17/2015 05:02:19
This program just keeps getting better and better.
08/8/2012 03:15:36
Worked great, very easy to use.
08/8/2012 03:21:12
works great, very easy to use. forgot to change the stars before commenting previously should be 5 stars.
08/23/2012 04:05:35
Can this work for a Sony Reader? Thank you.
08/25/2012 01:57:25

Yes, Epubor Ultimate works for Sony Reader.
You can take the following steps.

1.Install free Adobe Digital Editions, authorize your computer with your Adobe ID and make sure you can read your books on Adobe Digital Edition.

2.Run Epubor Ultimate, drag your books from "My Documents\My Books\Reader" to Epubor Ultimate, select the output format as EPUB and click "convert" button.

3.The converted books will be shown in the pop-up window.The output path is "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Epubor"

Please don't hesitate to contact me if any problem happens.

09/15/2012 13:37:31
Worked great the first time!
12/1/2012 00:11:31
Funziona molto bene. Consigliato!
12/1/2012 03:58:13
I tried different converters, but epubor is definitly the best with unreacheable support.
12/1/2012 04:22:21

Great Software. I am Very Glad I am A customer.

Thank You
Have A Great Day

12/1/2012 11:57:58
thank you!!!
12/3/2012 12:20:06
The ONLY soft capable of what promises!
12/7/2012 02:43:12
I absolutely love Epubor Ultimate.
It works perfectly :-)
12/9/2012 08:23:10
Thanks for the updated software link, however after a fresh install of the new version when I start the program the first window that opens is the conversion window, then right on top of that window pops up another that is blank and I can't close it out or use the software.  Please help me with this............SOON!
12/11/2012 02:15:47
Sorry for this inconvenience!
It's a tutorial, you can click "ESC" to skip the the window.
Could you please cut a screenshot to show the details?
12/10/2012 10:34:11
Spitzen Software!!!!Sehr leicht zu bedienen-umwandeln und lesen!
12/11/2012 14:03:09

I was able to "ESC" around it, here is the screenshot.

/Users/storminseas/Desktop/Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 3.59.09 PM.png

12/17/2012 19:31:10
Hello, I recently brought a new laptop. Dell Inspiron with Windows 8.  When I first purchased epubor ultimate I was using another computer.  I don't have my product key to use with my product on my new laptop.  If it is possible may someone please email me my product key code so that I can take advantage of the new upgrade.
12/18/2012 19:26:21

Hi, Kathy

Sorry for the late reply.
I've sent the registration code to you, please check your inbox.


12/29/2012 08:13:47
It is easy to use and works very well.
03/11/2013 12:36:52
Ok. nje pune e shkelqyer.
04/18/2013 08:16:59
apologies for taking so long to review this software. Anyway, it did exactly as it said - it was fantastic! I had tried other 'Free', common to get, software and had many trials and tribulations with it.It nearly drove me insane.
since purchasing EPUBOR I have had no problems only successes and the after sales has been superb. I emailed for help and the response was fast, efficient and very helpful. They even checked back with me ensure everything was ok and my problem was resolved. They also sent me other software at no charge to see if it helped my problem ( I am in Scotland and some Windows/other differences occur). I would strongly recommend this software or any other sold by this company. Outstanding!!!
05/27/2013 19:12:48

Hi, Ronnie

Many thanks for your kind words. And we do hope more people will benefit from our software.



05/27/2013 04:51:36
I have a Nook, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite and use Overdrive Console to obtain ebooks from the library.  This product is fantastic for converting from epub to the Kindle formats and for handling DRM-protected library books.  I can easily transfer books among the multiple devices.
05/27/2013 19:21:28

Hi, Tom

Glad that Epubor software helps.
Feel free to tell us for any problem.



05/28/2013 12:16:34
would it really work?
05/28/2013 20:04:25

Hi, giorgiodemonte

As long as you follow the correct steps according to your eBook types, your books will be decrypted and show "decrypted" when they are added to Ultimate. Then you can set the output format and convert.

There might be some incompatibility with formats conversion in some case. And we will provide workaround to assist.

For any problem, please send details to support@epubor.com


07/21/2013 15:27:19
OK. Everithing is nice.
08/17/2013 19:28:55
I used the trial version and the program is simple to use.  However, I don't know if you get something extra with the paid version or not, but several of the main kindle for pc books had "limited" status and could not be converted.
07/21/2015 19:57:57

Hi again,

I'm Angel from Epubor.

Now glad to tell you that now we changed the trial period up to 10 DRMed books, while while it was 2 before.

09/12/2013 07:40:53
I recently purchased the Ultimate Converter package. I do not see where to get my free upgrade. Please send me a link to this offer.
09/12/2013 07:40:56
I recently purchased the Ultimate Converter package. I do not see where to get my free upgrade. Please send me a link to this offer.
09/13/2013 03:11:59

Hi, Alex

That's OK. Please download the latest version here:

Or you can go to the product page, click "Free Trial" button to enter the download page and download.



09/22/2013 08:39:44
The perfect converter
09/24/2013 11:46:39
I have good experiebce with the functions of Epubor Ultimate, but I can not upgrade mz previous one
10/9/2013 20:35:09

Hi Milan,

Download the setup file from the download page, then install it to replace the old version.

Then you program gets upgrade.

11/26/2013 07:31:03
Deseo convertir un archivo de kindle
11/27/2013 00:16:22
You can use this program to convert other books to Kindle, or convert Kindle books to EPUB/PDF easily.
12/2/2013 18:21:45

Good day, we are trying to upgrade the  Ultimate Epubor we have bought. Unfortunately, we have lost the registration code, could you please send us the code (you must have the information in your system) so we could update our version.

Thanks, Luce Boucher

12/2/2013 18:54:26
I've replied your ticket, get your code there please.
12/30/2013 02:09:11
Hi, With drm removed from kindle books can they then be copied and lent to friends without restrictions normally applied by amazon?
01/23/2014 23:45:16

Yes that's totally doable.

And please make sure you are sharing the books in a limited range.

08/10/2014 13:32:43
excellent software. Wow.....working great.
08/10/2014 20:02:36

Great to hear that.

And do you have any expected feature of our product? Or does any part of our program make you feel uncomfortable and you think it can be better?

We appreciate any criticism or suggestion.

Thank you.

11/25/2014 12:54:18
Worked like a champ! My son has issues when he reads due to the normal process of having your eyes scan across the page of text (he gets queasy). There's a great little app out there called Spritz that eliminates the scanning by displaying only one word at a time in the same location as it reads across the page. The only problem is that it only reads epub format which eliminated most everything you can purchase on Amazon. Imagine my delight when the book got converted successfully and actually came up and worked in the app! A life saver. As a side benefit Spritz typically ups the average reading speed so with any luck it'll be a double win. THANK YOU EPUBOR!
02/17/2015 18:09:45
Wow, it worked!
03/28/2015 16:16:22

The latest update of my kindle phone app rendered it inoperable, and it has been so for 3 weeks now.  It is great to be able to read my content with a 3rd party reader on my phone while Kindle Support tries to sort out the issue with their app, and that can only be done by removing the DRM, which it does easily.

Thank you!

03/31/2015 18:33:48
It's our pleasure!
06/25/2015 02:21:32

EPubor Ultimate is an amazing program.

It does what it is supposed to do. It does it well.

It is easy to use.

What more can you ask for with any program? And how often do you get it?

EPubor Ultimate is that rarest of creatures, a program that does what it claims to do, with no problems, no tricks, and so easy anyone can use it. I have yet to find an ebook that this program will not unlock the DRM protection on-and considering I have thousands of ebooks, that is saying something.  

I cannot recommend this program enough, or to enough people.

07/21/2015 19:52:45


Glad to hear that, we epubor team will do our best to make this featured product better and better. So, if you really like that, don't forget to share with your friends or family, or on your own blog.

08/29/2015 17:22:10
Thank you!
10/17/2015 08:56:24
Congratulations on producing a program that not only works perfectly, but also is so easy to use. It converted DRMed eBooks in seconds.Excellent job guys, simple and easy to install. I'm glad.  A great program. Many thanks.
10/18/2015 01:22:44

Thanks for choosing our program. If you like, don't forget to recommend it to your friends.

If you have any problem in using our software, feel free to contact us.


11/4/2015 13:27:13
Easy to use and works just fine for me.
Is the only program I would use, glad to have it.
11/5/2015 19:12:42
Thanks for choosing our software. Feel free to contact us if have any problem in using our software.
01/24/2016 08:32:41

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12/23/2016 16:13:23
I have got a key, but how do I register? And how do I check if I am registered?
12/24/2016 18:10:47
Please click the gloden key icon to register. If it was registered, then the key will disappear. You can find the license manager in settings.
12/24/2016 18:15:49
01/9/2017 21:23:20
excellent product allows you to use your e-books as you want and where you want rather than as restricted by so many suppliers
01/29/2017 21:09:22

An excellent product and simple to use. It does what it said. It allows you to convert your eBooks in any format you want so that you can read your e-books in any devices anywhere and anytime.

Would recommend this product to anyone!

03/3/2017 03:21:48
Super easy to use. It converted everything I threw at it quick and easy. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to read epub or Adobe Digital Editions format (acsm) on their Kindle. It looks and acts like a Kindle format (mobi) file.
04/22/2017 14:30:07

How to use is very easy, download Kindle's AZW 3 file
Drag and drop it to software. And just converting it to your favorite output format, I completely converted it.

It is very simple.

08/19/2017 15:31:45
C est intéressant ce que vous faite
08/22/2017 14:44:40
Thank you!We are glad to know that you like our software.
08/25/2017 13:49:02
At the time of this writing, converting a Kindle AZW file with KFX format from the latest Amazon Kindle version 1.20 fails, but converts succesfully from the older Amazon Kindle version 1.17.
08/30/2017 17:33:23
Yes, downgrade the Kindle app to 1.17 or older version. The sync the kindle books to your computer again. Run Epubor software to remove the DRM.
08/22/2018 09:45:29
From October 2017, Epubor software can remove Kindle kfx drm directly. You are welcome to upgrade your Epubor software to enjoy the new features.
01/11/2018 02:21:59
Wow!! Finally! a product that does what it's supposed too!
01/18/2018 20:15:59
Really a great great product! Seriously.
Works the best.
Just Love it.
08/22/2018 09:48:46
Thank you for your feedback. We will keep improving our software.
01/26/2018 09:23:23
4 eBooks ( 2 minutes max ) - nice work - does exactly what it says on the tin
02/1/2018 10:35:14
Thank you! We are glad to know that you like our software and will keep working hard to improve it!
08/22/2018 09:35:36
This is great software. Good job.
08/22/2018 09:40:44
It works like a charm!
08/22/2018 09:43:22
We are glad to know that you like our software. We will keep working hard to improve our software.
12/24/2018 18:42:17
It doesn't work on Amazon KFX files.
12/24/2018 20:18:37
Thank you for using Epubor software. Epubor software can handle Kindle kfx file. For the Kindle kfx ebooks downloaded via Kindle for pc/mac 1.25, this is a new DRM. Our technical department is working on it, but we have offered an alternative way to remove Kindle kfx DRM. Please follow this guide: https://www.epubor.com/faq.html#e107
Or you can contact our customer service and describe your issue clearly. Our staff will contact you as soon as they receive your email.
01/19/2019 06:49:10
I used the free version and it was easy to convert from Nook to Kindle.  However, I learned that you only get a sample of the book, not the whole thing.  With the paid, one year version, will the books stay whole after a year, or will they revert to a sample?
01/22/2019 15:10:26


1-YEAR license means that you can use the software for 1-year.

We won't delete any files from your account (via device or app), they belong to you.

01/28/2019 20:04:29
This actually works. I just got a 300 page PDF of an Amazon Kindle book. The date is 28 January 2019 (so you can work out if the DRM might have become more advanced recently).
02/8/2019 02:05:05
The company that handles purchase of this product requires - a copy of a photo ID (identification card, driver`s license or passport) of the PayPal account holder. - Proof of Valid billing address: Utility Bill. This from a paypal account that has been in existence for over 20 years.  I refuse to provide private information to an unknown company since PayPal has all of the information already.  BEWARE of Scam
02/11/2019 10:04:22
Thank you for trying to purchase from our company. That happens when a customer is flagged as fradulent by 2Checkout system, so you will be asked to provide more information in order to approve the payment. This is standard procedure for suspect orders.
02/27/2019 23:59:17
You guys are awesome! It would be great to have a way to get my books out of RedShelf. Is that something you could look at soon? Thanks!
02/28/2019 16:43:30
Epubor software can only support ebook purchased from mainstream ebook stores like Amazon/Google Play Book/Kobo/Nook, etc. We don't promise to remove DRM from books purchased other sources.
04/7/2019 14:31:08
I am trying to convert from Nook (Windows APP download) but get B&M DRM error every time.  I have gone into settings and entered my Nook login / password but no luck.  I have also downloaded Nook Study as was suggested, but that cannot connect and it doesn't seem to enable Epubor ultimate to read in the info needed to unlock.  Help!
04/7/2019 14:32:05
I am trying to convert from Nook (Windows APP download) but get B&M DRM error every time.  I have gone into settings and entered my Nook login / password but no luck.  I have also downloaded Nook Study as was suggested, but that cannot connect and it doesn't seem to enable Epubor ultimate to read in the info needed to unlock.  Help!
04/8/2019 10:40:38
Thank you for using EPubor software. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that Epubor software does not support Nook new DRM from April, 2019. We will remove Nook support from our software and sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
05/9/2019 12:17:38
Sadly this didn't work on anything for me.  I'm sure it must work for some others.
05/10/2019 09:29:21
Could you please tell us more details about your issue so that our customer support can help you fix it? please send the details to support@epubor.com and our staff will contact you soon to help you solve it.
05/14/2019 11:45:01
What the heck? It says 'free trial', but when I download a book, it says it has downloaded 20% of the content and i can only access rest of book if i buy the program!! Seriously??
05/14/2019 16:20:23
Thank you for using epubor ultimate. The trial version only allow you decrypt 20% content of each book, but the full version will give you the full content. Please do now worry.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact our customer service: support@epubor.com
05/19/2019 12:03:42

Interesting that your rating is artificially bumped by your 27! 5 star replies AND the fact that you offer a free trial but don't mention that the trial is extremely restricted.

No thanks.

06/2/2019 05:51:51
Buenas tardes, descargué la prueba y funcionó bien pero al momento de convertir a pdf se queda pensando.
porque sucede esto?
06/4/2019 09:55:57
Thank you for using Epubor software. Is there any problem on converting kindle to pdf? Can you please describe your problem clearly so that we can help you fix it ASAP?
06/5/2019 08:03:53
I tried to convert a kindle-ebook to tolino and was surprised, how easy it was to handle!
06/24/2019 21:16:00
Extremely restricted "free" trial with no real output to give a proper evaluation. Moving on.
06/26/2019 08:52:58
Thank you for using the trial version.
Please note that the trial version will decrypt 20% content of your book. If this software can decrypt part of your book, it can decrypt the whole content. There is no need to worry about it doesn't work.
What's more, we have technical support and online livechat, so you can find us easily in our working time.
07/5/2019 00:42:45
kindle latest version KFX-zip or KFX to pdf not working ..
kindle for android v8.19.0 & kindle for PC v 1.27
how to convert??...
07/10/2019 04:37:00
Downloaded free trial to see if this was what I wanted. Found out it only converts 20% of the books, and only in text format. No way to actually try it and see if it makes a quality product. Like others said, I'll go elsewhere. I'm not paying $25 for a product that I don't know if it even works. Sure, if it will convert 20% of the book it will convert the rest.. but does it actually keep the formatting, or is everything just plain text with no paragraphs? Free trial is so limited that you cannot tell. I'll keep looking.
07/10/2019 08:33:45
Thank you for your comments. The licensed version will keep the original format of your ebook. Please don't worry.
08/7/2019 22:08:15
The only converter that works!
08/15/2019 20:12:43
This program works very well. It does exactly what it says. Great customer service and support. Totally recommend.
08/16/2019 08:39:35
Thank you. We are glad to know you like this software.
09/18/2019 08:57:52
Didn't work.  It says the ebook has DRM.  The whole POINT of this is to convert books with DRM so I can access them however I want.  Complete waste of time.
09/18/2019 13:58:55
Thank you for using Epubor Ultimate. Epubor Ultimate can remove drm from kindle, google play, kobo and some adobe adepte drm. Please ensure your book is in above list.
If you don't know how to remove drm, please contact our customer service  via email: support@epubor.com to get the technical support.
12/2/2019 09:40:34
this is a good software,help me a lot
01/3/2020 19:47:56
Please offer your end-user a trial version of the software of at least one month to test the performance of the software. There are other versions available that offer a month trial. In addition, it is extremely expensive for an undergraduate student to use this useful software for the conversion of purchased e-books.
02/24/2020 03:10:23

The guides and videos show Nook DRM removal. My software has no Nook panels. My Nook books are pre-2019 and the B&N DRM changes. How do I use this software to remove Nook DRM?

02/26/2020 09:47:51
Thank you for contacting us. The nook drm in Epubor Ultimate doesn't work any more. So we've removed it from the Epubor Ultimate.
For remove Nook DRM from nook books,please use Nook drm removal>>https://www.epubor.com/nook-drm-removal.html
03/23/2020 07:06:27
volevo sapere la versione gratis di Epubor che limitazioni ha?
l'ho usato una volta per un libro e mi ha convertito solo il 20 per cento del libro
è questa la limitazione?
oltre naturalmente l'uso mi pare solo 4 volte prima che ti chieda di comprarlo, giusto?
se compro la versione completa mi convertirà tutto il libro o sempre e solo il 20 per cento?
03/23/2020 15:24:13
Thank you for your message. The trial version will allow you to convert 20% content of each book. If you purchase the license, you can convert the whole book. Please dont' worry. Any more problem, please contact suppot@epubor.com
04/7/2020 13:04:37
The 20% conversion does not show graphics or look like the book.  Is this because it is a limited to 20%.  Does convert a complete copy as if viewing it with the app i.e. Amazon Kindle?
04/8/2020 07:13:29
It seems you are using the trial version. Please note that the trial version only converts 20% content of each book and the converted ebook format will be in text format. That's why the images and formatting will miss. The trial version only want to prove that this software can work for your ebooks.
Please just purchase the licensed version to get the full content and the original formatting of your ebook.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.
Have a nice day!
05/19/2020 19:27:56
You can't use your own comments as a rating system, Epubor.
05/20/2020 09:01:19
Hi, We've forwarded your feedback to our developers.
Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions! Reach out to us at support@epubor.com if you have any questions!
06/3/2020 17:25:29
THank for the very good application.
06/4/2020 08:23:49
Thank you for your comments. We appreciate it.
07/11/2020 23:22:08
Very thankful for this program. I don't use it often but whenever I need to use, it works well and allows me to save pdf or epub books for reading later. Thank you!
08/9/2020 03:57:33
I've paid 40€ for it. So that it can't unlock Kindle Ebooks. What exactly the promise was. Nothing comes from customer service and you don't get the money back either.
08/10/2020 11:16:56
Thank you for using our software. Can you please describe your problem clearly and send it to me via epubor.iris@gmail.com? Then I will try my best to help you fix this issue.
If you need the refund, please also let us know as we support 30-day money back.
08/9/2020 21:02:53
I wanted this to remove DRM so that I could read borrowed books on a Nook but cannot get it to work. I also keep getting prompted to buy the full version but not going to do that when the trial version fails!
08/10/2020 11:22:08
Thank you for using our software.
If you want to use the trial version, just close the pop-up windows.
But if you want to us it to remove Nook drm, please send your Nook account to our cusotmer service(support@epubor.com) to generate a nook key so that you can remove the nook drm.
08/27/2020 21:53:02
I started using Epubor Ultimate way back in 2013. It has been so easy to use and I have converted books from Kobo and Kindle with no problem. Any minor technical glitches were usually the fault of either Kindle or  Kobo. All recent problems are due to Windows 10 updates screwing things up, and you cannot blame Epubor for that.
08/28/2020 09:03:09
We appreciate your feedback and support.

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