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11/26/2017 09:13:33
One of the WORSE programs I have ever used!  Customer support was absolutely horrible.  I will NEVER purchase any product from this company again!  Totally crappy all the way around.  BEWARE!!!!!!
12/11/2017 15:02:57
Is there any problem with this software? Can you describe your problem more clearly so that we can help you fix it. Or can you allow our technique staff to connect your computer to solve your problem directly. We will provide the best service to satisfy you!
10/18/2019 12:02:10

Baseline information if you want a less subjective evaluation … 47 .AAX files; approximately 15.8 gBytes total; 100% successful conversions completely unattended; 4 hours and 51 minutes total conversion time (does not include compiling the 47 file list.)   About 6.2 minutes per file.

HP8200; Intel i3-2120 CPU @3.30 gHz; 8.0 gB installed RAM.  Windows 10x64 Pro v.1903

07/13/2022 02:53:06
This software may have worked in the past, but as of July 2022, on the latest MacOS, even AFTER doing all the described workarounds, it does nothing. It does not convert, it does not function as an e-reader, nada.
Customer service is nonexistent, and their payment processor 2Checkout is almost as bad. This is a guaranteed dispute with your credit card co. Good luck folks!
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