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User Reviews

All these reviews are originally written by our users. With these page we want to express our sincere thanks to our users, no matter praise or criticism, they all mean a lot to us.

  • "I decided to try Epubor when I switched to a new type of device to read ebooks as I did not want to have to repurchase my favorite books that I had already paid for. I am not very tech savvy, but Epubor is intuitive and made the process quick and easy."

    Dom Poulin review triangle
  • "Easy and fast to use - best results in converting ebooks"
    "The software is so easy and great to use.
    I'm using it since 2013 and every version gets much better ;)
    Better and easier to use.
    I'm so happy that i found it in the past and would say THANK YOU for the company to develop so a such great piece of software."

    Pascal review triangle
  • "Highly recommended!!!"
    "I used Epubor just recently, for an ebook I had purchased. After having tried other softwares, this one allowed me to remove demos I could change format and move it to another device for easier reading. It was super fast and easy, and worked even better than promised. I highly recommend it."

    RB review triangle
  • "This service was a lifesaver for me!"
    "This service was a lifesaver for me! I had a document that I needed to convert to a PDF. I tried numerous “top rated” competitors and all of them gave me an error. I found this as a last result even though it should be the #1 service offered. I read the simple steps to convert to a PDF, even one that was DRM protected, and it worked seamlessly! I even wrote down the name of the website to remember it for future use. If you’re looking for a website to help convert your files, look no further. I am so ecstatic and thankful for this service."

    Carrie Kirkland review triangle
  • "Great audio converter"
    "I was interested in Epubor Audible Converter so that I would be able to transfer audio files between my devices for ease of access. I really like that Epubor allows you to split audiobooks by chapter and the simple interface is really easy to navigate. Epubor allows me to convert my audio files from a range of other formats to MP3 with no loss in sound quality. It's great!"

    Koda review triangle
  • "I tested this program on Kindle and its performance was flawless. Even though it was my first time checking it out, I personally liked how the interface had been designed. All features were helpful and easy to use."

    iVoiceSoft review triangle
  • "This really was the “ultimate” tool for my purposes. Not only was the program simple and user-friendly, Epubor also offers free online technical support. If you are hesitating in getting this, don’t delay anymore!"

    CHERRYEBOMB review triangle
  • "If you don’t like Calibre’s interface and how to use it. Epubor Ultimate Converter is your first choice. It doesn’t come with many bloated features, but just focus on converting purchased eBooks and covers most of the popular formats and eBook stores."

    eReaderPalace review triangle
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