3 Ways to Check Kindle Battery Percentage

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Even though someone says displaying battery percentage is not a big deal. It is necessary for other people like me. If we can know the battery level exactly, why not to do this like our phone? When you want to save or keep your Kindle battery life, you may also want to know the current Kindle battery percentage rather than a bar. I think the battery percentage would be more informative than the little bar. Knowing the Kindle battery level can help you using the device better. You can adjust the charging and read time. Following are 3 ways to check Kindle Battery Percentage on different devices.

1. If you want to check your Kindle Paperwhite battery percentage, please directly skip to Part 1.
2. If you want to display your Kindle Fire battery percentage, please directly skip to Part 2.
3. If you own a Kindle device other than Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire, please directly skip to Part 3.

Part 1. Check Kindle Battery Percentage on Kindle Paperwhite

As we all know, Kindle Paperwhite 1/2/3 can't display Kindle battery percentage on its screen if without jailbreaking. But not all people want to jailbreak their Kindle devices. So how to check Kindle battery percentage on Kindle Paperwhite without changing the Kindle system? Here is a way to help you find out your battery percentage of Kindle Paperwhite.

1 Search For ";dm"

On the home page of your Kindle Paperwhite, you will see a search box. Then enter ;dm into the search box and confirm it.

Kindle paperwhite search for ;dm

2 Open "all_system_logs“ File

After the input is confirmed, the Kindle Paperwhite will generate four files automatically. You can find these four files in Kindle library. One of these files is called all_system_logs. Its extension is .txt. There is a current Kindle battery information in this file. You can open it and search for battinfo to find the current Kindle battery percentage.

Kindle Paperwhite all_system_logs

But If you open the file named all_system_logs directly in Kindle device and search for battinfo, it can't show the results because of the title not yet indexed. Some users say even though the file is indexed and contains the word "battinfo", the searching reveals no results. So you can plug Kindle Paperwhite via USB cable into a computer and open "all_system_logs“ file in Kindle documents folder.

3 Search for "battinfo" and "capav=x%"

After opening the "all_system_logs“ file, search for the term battinfo by using shortcuts. You will find so many lines contain the word "battinfo". But the last instance of "battinfo" which contains the word capav=x% will be your latest battery percentage. x is the percentage of battery life remains on your device. Below is an example that you will look for.

170411:095637 powerd[2462]: I def:battinfo:batt_type = PRIMARY, capav=80%, mAh=1164mAh, volt=4082mV, current=22mA, temp=68F, lmd=1408mAh, cycl=12, reason_for_log=Battery log due to high delta voltage:

The beginning number 170411 of this line is the date the information was generated. The word capav=80% represents the current Kindle battery percentage is 80%.

Part 2. Display Kindle Battery Percentage on Kindle Fire

For a Kindle Fire, You can make some settings directly on the device to let the Kindle battery percentage displayed. Without the extra effort, you can easily view the current power. Following steps are prepared for you.

1 Click "Device Options"

Fire on your Kindle Fire. Pull the notification bar down from the top of the screen to the bottom of the device. You can find the "Settings" option. Then click on it.

Kindle Fire Settings

After tapped the settings option, you can find "Device Options" in the menu. Click the "Device Options".

Kindle Fire Device Options

2 Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar

In device options, you can find the current battery information. Turn on the option of "Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar". Then you will find the Kindle Fire battery percentage on the top of your device.

Kindle Fire Battery Percentage Display

You can also install some apps to show the battery percentage without turning on the function. But it's not necessary to install additional apps to achieve this goal.

Part 3. Install Kindle Battery Percentage Plugin after Jailbreaking

Because most Kindle devices can't display the battery percentage with the original Kindle system, you may want to jailbreak your Kindle to install some hacks or apps to get this function. Generally, these hacks work on not only one kind of Kindle devices. You can try. Here I recommend you a Kindle battery level plugin as an example.

Step 1: You must jailbreak your Kindle device. Learn details about How to jailbreak your Kindle.

Step 2: Download and install KUAL launcher. Learn details about how to install KUAL.

Step 3: Download the Kindle battery percentage plugin from MobileRead.

Step 4: Uncompress batterylevel-1.0.1.zip and you will get a "batterylevel" folder. Copy the "batterylevel" folder into the "extensions" directory which created when you install KUAL. The "extensions" directory is the same level with the Kindle documents folder.

Step 5: Launch KUAL on your Kindle device and you will find this plugin work. Its work range is 10%-100%.

Thanks for our brilliant volunteers, there is another plugin displays the battery percentage and also worked as a KUAL extension. That's BatteryStatus. After you complete Step 1 and 2, download BatteryStatus plugin from MobileRead. You will get a file named kual-batterystatus-1.1.N.zip. Then simply unpack kual-batterystatus-1.1.N.zip at the root of your device. After launch KUAL, it will work.


Although displaying the Kindle battery percentage doesn't have much to do with reading ebooks on Kindle devices, I still want to give you a better using experience. More and better Kindle tips can make your reading experience more pleasant.


A reading enthusiast. Always pay close attention to the world of Ebook. Devote myself to share everything about e-book and favorably receive any suggestions.

12/11/2018 10:53:13
The kindle charged overnight and now a icon of a battery with an exclamation is on the screen. It will not wake up.  Any suggestions?
12/11/2018 11:07:42
a icon of a battery with an exclamation is on the screen--This means your Kindle need to be charged. So please ensure the charger is connected correctly and effectively.
03/12/2019 06:53:05
h0w to know if the plug-in is inserted right
07/4/2020 07:31:45
How do you check the battery % on a kindle keyboard?
07/6/2020 09:51:41

If you have kindle keyboard, it will not show battery percentage.
But you can diaplay it by this way: https://www.epubor.com/ways-to-check-kindle-battery-percentage.html#p3

03/3/2022 05:04:28
what hardware component of the kindle is responsible for measuring and reporting the battery percentage? Does the battery self report the percentage? Or does the motherboard/pcb measure the voltage and reports a percentage based on the volts?
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