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Kindle Cloud Reader is familiar to those who often buy e-books at Amazon. Every time you select an e-book and choose a delivery method, you could see the "Deliver to someone's Kindle Cloud Reader" option. Generally we choose "Deliver to Kindle" so that we can directly read the book on our Kindle device. Some others may choose "Deliver to Kindle for PC" if they have installed Kindle for PC. For most people, these two methods are enough so that it seems like few people will notice the "Deliver to Kindle Cloud Reader" option. So what does the Kindle Cloud Reader do? Does it have some advantages? This article will tell you something about Kindle Cloud Reader and you'll get to know the charm of it.

What is Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app for online reading and library management. It's designed primarily for people who don't have Kindle device or don't want to install any extra software. Just choose "deliver to Kindle Cloud Reader" and then click "Read now in Kindle Cloud Reader" button, the splendid content will directly display in your browser.

You can get more details from this video.

2. How to access Kindle Cloud Reader

Every time you type in the URL: read.amazon.com, you'll get access to the Kindle Cloud Reader. Save this site as a bookmark so that you don't need to type the URL next time.

kindle for the web safari

The Google Chrome also provides an extension. Search "cloud reader" in Chrome Web store and click "ADD TO CHROME".

Kindle Cloud Reader on Chrome Web Store

Then an icon will show at the top menu bar. You can click it to access Kindle Cloud Reader at any time.

kindle cloud reader extension

3. Supported Browsers

Even though Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app, it isn't like a common webpage that you can open it with any browsers. This is due to the fact that the Kindle Cloud Reader is based on HTML5, a new and strong web standard which some browsers don't support. At present Kindle Cloud Reader is available in Google Chrome, Apple Safari(both in Mac and iPad), Mozilla Firefox, IE.

Kindle Cloud Reader compatible browsers:
Google Chrome: 20 and higher
Mozilla Firefox: 10 and higher
Safari: 5 and higher on Mac OS X/iOS 5 or newer
Internet Explorer 10

As for reading experience, the Kindle for PC is not as brilliant as Calibre. It just provides some general settings such as font size, background color, line width, brightness. Although with simple functions, it do has some design of humanization like you can add notes and highlights and lookup words with its built-in dictionary which is very helpful in learning foreign language.

4. Main features of Kindle Cloud Reader

1. Offline reading

Kindle Cloud Reader provides an offline reading mode. It can store content as much as 50MB. When the space is full, the older content will be deleted. First time you access Kindle Cloud Reader, you have to set up the offline reading. There is no complicated setting. Just do as it prompts.

Kindle Cloud Reader will automatically store the books you read recently. You can also store books by yourself.

Click on Enable Offline button. To download the book to the browser, simply Right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) or long press (on iPad) the cover of a book and choose "Download & Pin Book" option and the book will begin downloading.

download & pin book

All stored book can be found at "Downloaded" tab. They are also marked with a green pin under the cover.

kcr offline downloaded

One thing must be pointed out is that the downloaded content is stored locally by browser, not bound with your account. That means if you change the browser or computer, the downloaded books will disappear. But all the books you bought and the bookmarks and notes will not lose as they are reserved at Amazon server.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where does Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader store those offline downloaded books?

Windows Chrome C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\databases\https_read.amazon.com_0

Mac Chrome ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/databases/https_read.amazon.com_0
Can't find this folder on Mac computer? Open terminal, and then input open "~/Library/Application Support/Google/
, Enter.

Safari .../Users/Library/Safari/Databases/https_read.amazon.com_0

Windows Firefox \Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9ka0dc2k.default\storage\default\https+++read.amazon.com\idb\***.sqlite

Mac Firefox /Users/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/***.default-release/storage/default/https+++read.amazon.com/idb/***.sqlite

where is kindle kcr file

2. Library management

We can easily manage books by Kindle Cloud Reader. Like native Kindle App and Kindle for PC, the Kindle Cloud Reader supports three sorting orders (title, author, recent) and two display modes (grid and list). You can also adjust the cover size (not supports iPad).

All your books are listed at the Cloud tab. Only the books you download will be stored at the Download tab. If you concern about the space (only 50MB), just right click or long press the book cover and choose "Remove Book" then the book will get deleted. This operation won't delete the book actually, you can download it again at Cloud tab.

3. E-book customization

Kindle Cloud Reader provides rich options for you to customize your reading. You can adjust font size, margins, color mode, or look up words, take notes and highlight text.

4. Sync with your Kindle (Notes & Highlights)

The sync feature makes us read seamlessly. Just click the sync icon and all your content such as new books, reading progress, bookmarks, will be refreshed. If you find that there is a delay when syncing, don't worry, just close the Kindle Cloud Reader and reload it.

I like this function most because I can copy the highlights without leaving the web browser. The highlight text is automatically added to my kindle account and I can reach in the web browser at https://read.amazon.com/notebook.

5. Optimized for iPad

Amazon claims that the Kindle Cloud Reader can get a better experience on iPad. Besides some menu layout difference, this mainly refers to the Kindle Store. In PC browser, the Kindle Store of Kindle Cloud Reader links to a normal Amazon site. But on the Safari of iPad, the Kindle Store looks like a native app- UI elements are laid out in big, touchable areas and navigation is designed for the touchscreen user.

How to backup Kindle Cloud Reader books?

Though we can read kindle books with Kindle Cloud Reader for offline reading, we should always read our Kindle books by using a browser on computer. For a better offline reading on multiple devices, the best solution is to back up our Kindle Cloud Reader books. The recommended tool is a new product from Epubor team, KCR Converter, which provides you with a rather easy way to remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle books to PDF/Epub/Mobi/Azw3.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for Free

    Guide (for Google Chrome users):

  • 1. Please install Kindle Cloud Reader app on your chrome.
  • 2.Visit read.amazon.com and log in Kindle Cloud Reader with Google Browser.
  • 3. Please ensure your Kindle books have been downloaded and pinned successfully.
  • 4. Run Epubor KCR Converter to convert Kindle books to DRM-free pdf/epub/mobi/azw3 for backup.

convert kcr to pdf


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Thank you! I just set it up.
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Every time I buy a book an send it to "My Device" it goes to the cloud even though I have the preferred set up to go to my device. How do I get my books OUT of the CLOUD and IN my Device? My kindle is set up preferred to My Device what am I doing wrong? Please help.  My e-mail is awama@yahoo.com Thanks
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My husband has a Kindle E-reader - can I gift him a book to the kindle cloud reader which he can then retrieve via the cloud reader onto his Kindle?

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i sent an earlier comment on how to get my books picked to read and it sends them to cloud and i have not told it to do that.  i need it corrected,

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