Where are Audible Books Stored on Android/PC/Mac/Kindle

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Due to advancements in technology, people are choosing to change their habits, as evidenced by the declining consumption of ebooks and the rising popularity of audiobooks. For most audiobook enthusiasts, Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon, is the first choice. You may know how to download your Audible books, but do you know where Audible books are stored on your computer? Don't worry. In this article, you'll discover a comprehensive answer to where Audible books are stored on Windows/Mac/Android/Kindle eReader/Kindle Fire.

Where are Audible Files Stored on PC?

Windows is the most commonly used computer system. Let's first learn where Audible downloads are stored on Windows.

The location for your downloaded Audible files will be different depending on the method you use to download Audible books.

1. Audible books downloaded directly from the Audible.com website

As of May 2021, Audible allows users to download Audible books directly from its website. Simply click the "Download" button and you'll download Audible books to your computer directly. The Audible books will be downloaded as .aax files, and you can choose where to store them on your computer. Therefore, it is easy to find your Audible downloads on your Windows computer. The picture below shows how to download Audible books to Windows from the Audible.com website.

where are audible books stored on pc

After downloading Audible books to your PC, do you want to transfer them to your other devices? If so, please read on.

Pro tip: Learn how to listen to Audible files on any MP3 player or device.

2. Audible books downloaded via Audible app for Window 10/8

If you are using Audible app for windows(Downloaded from Microsoft store), you will find your audible file here:


You can also find the downloaded audible file by the following steps.

Step 1. Run Audible Windows App.

Step 2. Click on the "Setting" icon at the bottom left column to see all "Settings" option.

audible location windows 10

Step 3. Click on "Download" button.

audible location windows 10

Step 4.Then "Open Download Location in File Explorer" to open the folder stored your downloaded Audible books.

where are audible files stored on PC

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I change the location of Audible books on PC?

A: Sure, you can decide where to store your downloaded audible books if you are using Audible Windows apps. Run Audible on Windows>>Settings>>Downloads>>Download location>> Custom location. Then you can choose where to store Audible books on your computer.
change audible location on pc

3. Audible books downloaded via AudibleSync

On July 1st, 2020, Audible has launched its new downloading tools for Audible books, that is AudibleSync. If you have downloaded Audible ebooks via AudibleSync, you can find it here:


audiblesync downloads

4. Audible books downloaded via Audible Download Manager

If you've downloadeda audible books directly from Audible.com website very long time ago, you may find downloaded Audible files not in aa or aax, but with .adh.

audible downloads in adh

In this situation you will need Audible Download Manager to help you download the adh to audible aax or aa format. For Audible books downloaded via this way, you can find it here:


You can also find your downloaded audible files by clicking on "Find" or "Downloads folder".

find audible downloads

Where are Audible Books Stored on Mac?

If you are using a Mac computer, there is no specific software required to download the Audible file. Simply log in to your Audible library and click on the “Download” button next to the book title. A window will pop up asking you where you would like to store your downloaded Audible file. Choose your preferred location, and the Audible files will be saved on your Mac.

where are audible books stored on Mac

Where are Audible Files Stored on Android?

If you listen to Audible frequently on your Android device and download Audible books, it is important to know where the Audible files are stored on your Android device. This information will be helpful if you want to transfer the Audible files to your computer or move audible books to SD card when the internal storage is full. Generally, the downloaded Audible files on Android are stored in the following location:

This PC\Your Android device name\Internal storage\Android\data\com.audible.application\files

where are audible books stored on android

Important notice: On 6/20/2019, Audible updated their Android app. Since then, the Audible books downloaded via the Android app are all in .AAXC format. Before that, they were in AAX or AA format.

Where are Audible Books Stored on Kindle eReader?

There are many Audible-supported Kindle devices. If you have ever downloaded audible books to this kind of Kindle devices, you can find the downloaded audible files in the Audible folder on the Kindle devices, as shown in the picture below.

audible file location on kindle

I'm confident that you can now easily locate where Audible books are stored on your computer or Android device. However, for iOS devices, it's not possible to find where downloaded Audible books are stored on the iPhone due to system restrictions and closed access.

Where are Audible Books Stored on Kindle Fire?

Audible is compatible with most Kindle tablets. If you have downloaded Audible files on your Kindle Fire tablet, you can locate them by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect your Kindle Fire tablet to your Windows or Mac computer using a USB cable.

kindle fire connect to pc

Step 2: Open the File Explorer on your Windows computer or Finder on your Mac computer and select the "Kindle" option.

Step 3: Navigate to the "Audible" folder and you will find the downloaded Audible files in it.

no file in the audible folder

The above steps explain where to find Audible files on a Kindle Fire, but I couldn't find any Audible files there because my Kindle Fire is not rooted. If you're willing to take the risk of rooting your Kindle, you may be able to find them there. Otherwise, there's no need to search for your Audible files on a Kindle Fire.

How to Back Up Audible Books?

Although you have found your Audible files, you only can listen to them on the limited Audible compatible apps or players. To enjoy your Audible books at any device freely, you need to convert audible to MP3.

Pro Tips How to Back Up Audible Books--The Easiest Way

Epubor Audible Converter omes highly recommended as it not only removes Audible DRM but also converts Audible to MP3 at a blazing 60X speed, all while retaining the original quality of the audiobook. If you're searching for an easy way to locate and listen to Audible books on any player or simply back them up, don't miss out on this powerful Audible Converter!

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

How-to Guide

Just "Drag & Drop" audible books to its main interfaced, click "Convert to mp3" button and then just wait. Once finished, you will find the converted audible mp3 files in the prompted folder.

convert audible books to mp3

Now you can copy your drm-free audible mp3 to any mp3 players or cars. Super easy!

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free:

Video tutorial of downloading audible books to PC/MAC


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The information regarding Windows no longer seems to be correct. Just downloaded the latest version of the Audible app. Custom location is not an available option, nor is there an option to open the download location.
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Thank you for your comments.
My audible for windows 10 is
What's your audible for windows 10 version?
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Thank you for asking. Please download your audible books from website on computer (as aax), then convert it with Epubor audible converter.
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Thank you for using our software. Please contact the support@epubor.com so that our support team will help you fix this issue.
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How can I move audible books that are stored on a Samsung Android tablet A7 to an SD card?
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How can I move audible books that are stored on a Samsung Android tablet A7 to an SD card?
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