5 Ways to Create and Manage Kindle Collections in 2023

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Kindle Collection Manager

What is Kindle Collection? Kindle Collections are a classification of the folders on the kindle device which help you organize kindle contents. If you have lots of eBooks in your Kindle library, you should create collections to manage your ebooks in good order. In this article, I will introduce 5 different methods to help you create and manage kindle collections.

1. Create and Manage Collections on Amazon Website

In 2017, Amazon has added a new function for creating and managing collections for Kindle books in the Cloud which is very convenient for users. Now you can create and manage your kindle books at "Content & Devices".

Step 1 Create New Collection.

Go to your Amazon account and choose "Content & Devices". Then click "All Content", and choose "Collections" at the dropdown list. Then you will see the "Create new collection" button and just click it. A new window will pop up. You just have to enter the name of this collection. Now a new collection has been created so easily.

creat new collections

Step 2 Add your books to the newly created collection.

Click on the button before the book title and choose " Make changes". Then a dialog box will pop up which allows you to select already existed collections or create a new collection. You can even select more than one collection to add to this book.

add books to collections

When all these have been done, you just need to open your kindle device and choose " Sync and Check for Items" in the menu. Then all created collections will be displayed in the Cloud library.

sync collections to kindle device

Note: Amazon only allows you to manage the books that you have already purchased from Amazon store.

Frequently Asked Questions about this method
Q: If I delete the collection, will the books added to this collection be deleted?

A: The books in collections will not be deleted from your library. You just delete the collections, not your purchased kindle books.

2. Create and Manage Collections on Kindle Manually

Step 1 Create New Collection.

For Kindle Paperwhite users, go forward to the Home screen and select "Create New Collection" on the menu. Create and name your collection by date, author name, subject and so on. Here are a few of my collections as follows: New to read, Currently reading, Samples, Non-fiction, Horror, Historical, Sci-Fi& Fantasy, Reference.

Step 2 Put your books in the collection.

Press and hold the cover of ebook. Select "Add to Collection" from the poppingd-up box. Then check the box next to the new collection where you want the book to appear. At last, press Done at the bottom of the screen.

make kindle collections

To navigate to a collection, you can add more items or remove from the menu.

Note: If you have 500 books in your Kindle, it's a huge workload to organize these books in order one by one. And this method is also only applied to purchased books from Amazon Store.

Frequently Asked Questions about This Method
Q: Why do my books appear in "Documents from My items" and not in "Books from My items"?

A: Docs are the ones that you send to your Kindle device by email, but not purchased directly from Amazon.

3. Using Kindle for PC/Mac app

This method will take Kindle for PC as an example. If you are using Kindle for Mac and encounter any operating problems, please leave your reply in the comment.

Compared with method 2, using the desktop kindle app is easier to set up and manage kindle collections.

Step 1 Create Collections on Kindle for PC/Mac desktop App.

Make sure that you have logged in to Kindle for PC with your Amazon account. Right-click the cover of the book and select "Add/Remove from Collection" from the drop down list. Click "New Collection" and name the title of the collection. And you can also move the book to collections which you have already created.

manage kindle collections on pc

Step 2 Import collections to kindle paperwhite (Kindle Touch).

Login to your kindle device (only for kindle paperwhite/kindle touch) with the same Amazon account. Hit Home and then Menu and tap "Sync and Check for Items". Switch to Cloud View, open the menu and select "Import Collections". Then select "OK" on the pop-up screen. Wait for a moment, then all the books will appear in the corresponding collections in order. Congratulations!

import kindle for pc collections

Method 2 and 3 above can only be applied to newer kindle models. If you have a very older Kindle device, please refer to method 4 and method 5.

Frequently Asked Questions about This Method
Q: How to transfer Kindle collections from Kindle for PC to iPad Kindle app?

A: It's easier for us to make and manage my collections on pc. According to Amazon Customer Service, it doesn't support sending collections from computer to iPad. Maybe Kindle Cloud Collections can help you manage kindle books on iPad (iOS app).

4. Kindlian Kindle Collection Manager (For Windows Only)

Kindlian is a cool add-on for Kindle device and works on Windows XP/Vista 7/8. It supports Kindle Keyboard&Kindle Black&Kindle Grey, Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite. This program allows us to import and manage Kindle Books and collections.

First Download and install Kindlian for win. Plug your kindle into the computer and run this program.

Step 1 Choose your kindle version. (The following steps will take kindle paperwhite as an example)

Once you tap kindle paperwhite and press the icon, the pop-up screen prompts you to disconnect kindle.

choose kindle version

Tap "Settings" from kindle menu-->"Update your kindle". Then reconnect kindle to your computer. At last press "OK". Then it will enter the scan mode and then the new interface appears.

Step 2 Create a new collection.

Click "+" and name your collections by eBook author name, date and etc. Drag the books into the collection folder you create. And you can add epub books from your computer to kindle device by clicking "Add files to Kindle" icon.

Once added books to your target collection, click "disconnect" icon and a window will ask you to disconnect your kindle from computer.

create new collection

When you disconnect your kindle with computer, tap "Settings"-->"Update Your Kindle". At last, tap "Settings"-->"Restart". Just for a while, the "kindle collection test'' which I just create appears in my kindle paperwhite. Wonderful, I succeed in managing my kindle books!

manage my kindle books

The Kindlian just offers a Windows version. But its good point is that it also works with non Amazon books.

Method 5. Kindle Collections Plugins with Calibre

I will demonstrate a proper way to manage your kindle books and group books together into unique collections.

What do you need?

1. A Jailbroken Kindle Touch or Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Keyboard

2. Calibre+Kindle Collections Manager Plugin

3. Kindle Collections Manager

The following steps will take Kindle Paperwhite as an example.

Step 1 jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite.

Here is a full guide that tells you how to jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite step by step.

Step 2 Install Kindle Collections Manager

Download Kindle Collections Manager here. Plug your kindle paperwhite into your computer. Unzip the CollectionsManager_2.8.1.zip. Copy CollectionsManager.azw2 from this zip file to the document directory of the Paperwhite. (For my computer, it should be placed in H:\documents\).

Disconnect your kindle paperwhite and go forward to click the Kindle collections manager to launch it. If you fail to open the CollectionsManager.azw2, make sure you have followed our Paperwhite Jailbreak guide. If you get any problems, please leave your comment.

Once you run the Collections Manager successfully, a pop up screen will show like this:

install collection manager

Step 3 Install Calibre Plugin.

In fact, if you just want to manage your kindle books on Paperwhite, there is no need to follow step 3.

By installing Calibre plugin, we can manage kindle books via Calibre. There are two plugin versions for Calibre.

Install Collections for Kindle/Kindle Keyboard

Just go forward to "Preference"-->"Plugins"-->"Get new plugins". Locate "Kindle Collections" plugins and click "Install" button. Refer to this guide about how to add plugin to calibre step by step.

install collections for kindle

Install Collections for Kindle Touch/Kindle Paperwhite

Download the plugin called "Kindle Collections.zip ". Navigate to "Preference"-->"Plugins"-->"Load plugin from file". Browser the location of "Kindle Collections.zip". And select it and add this zip file to calibre. Refer to this guide about how to load plugin into Calibre step by step.

Step 4 Using Calibre to manage Kindle books.

Download Books from Kindle Paperwhite to you calibre library. Then plug your kindle into the host computer. Navigate to "device"-->"Show books in the main memory of the device". At last, add all books to library by right clicking.

Now you can import Kindle collections to Calibre. Navigate to "Preferences"-->"Change Calibre Behavior"-->"Add your own columns"-->"Add custom column".

kindle new column

Once you have created the custom column successfully, navigate to Kindle Collections from the main menu and choose "Import Kindle collections to Calibre..." from the drop down list.

import collections to calibre

Go forward to the Kindle Collections icon-->"Edit Kindle collections manually...". You will see a list of Collections and you can delete/add a collection to the list. And you can rename the collection. Once you have kept your collections in order, click "Save" button and save collections to your kindle paperwhite. Then it will prompt to restart the Kindle. Eject the Kindle from your computer and navigate to "Home" menu-->"Setting"-->"menu"-->"Restart". Finally, it will save the new collections to Kindle paperwhite.

add collections from calibre to kindle

Tips and Tricks More

If you feel overwhelmed when you look at your Kindle or kindle library, there's a good chance that you need to manage your kindle library by:

  • Remove or delete the book you don't want.
  • Filter your Kindle library bysStatus, type, and programs.
  • Utilize reading lists.
  • Transfer books from Kindle to computer with Epubor Ultimate and then take the most advantage of Kindle collections.

Kepp your Kindle books organized!


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

01/1/2015 19:48:05
Please note that Kindlian does not yet support firmware or higher.  I'm truly bummed as I've just wasted an hour trying to get it to work on my  Now to get a refund.
01/2/2015 07:26:47
Yes, you are right, Kindlian do not support the latest version of Kindle. When we find better software, we will tell you.
03/10/2015 15:54:13
After updating a collection in kindle device with kindlian, is this collection working in kindle cloud? Thank you!
03/10/2015 18:48:42
I don't think it will affects the collections in cloud, however, you can verity with their staff.
11/12/2015 21:58:29
I have created collection on Kindle keyboard (running 3.4.2 firmware)
Here is what happens.
1) I see a collection on my kindle with 65 books.  This what I indend.
However, I also see those same books outside of that collection, so the point of the collection is lost !!
Any help?
01/16/2016 03:54:34

Hi DimaR,

What method you used? I want to do it for my Kindle keyboard.

04/17/2020 22:15:35
you have to press the three dots, upper right, click your library, click sort, check collection - it will sort by collection
01/18/2016 14:54:18

wasted time on kindlian ... you should add a note to the info above about it not supporting newer versions

kdeasy is not allowing collection management on paperwhite despite the firmware being ...any idea why?

02/16/2016 09:59:23
Thank you for posting this! I just tried method 2, using the Kindle for Mac app, with no success. I could create collections on the app, but not import them or export them back to the cloud. It seems to be only a feature for organizing Kindle content on the Mac itself. Customer service at Amazon confirmed that it was limited in this way (though no comment from them on whether or not that was an error). I'll try another method...
09/11/2020 10:30:04
I also tried this method but the collections that I created in the kindle app for mac do not show up on my kindlepaperwhite (2018), nor do they appear on the amazon website under "manage content and devices". IT would be so much easier to manage on kindle for mac. What can I do?
09/14/2020 08:54:14

It seems you are using method 2. Please create the New collections on Kindle paperwhite, not from the kindle for mac app.

If you want to create collections on Kindle for pc/mac, please try method 3.

Have a nice day.

04/22/2016 10:08:04
I have a kindle paperwhite 5th generation but method 2 doesn't work. I have no "import collections" option.
04/26/2016 19:26:55
I really want to know how to get EVERYTHING into a folder, leaving my screen blank, with only folders.  I hate having books sitting there.  Any idea how I can do that.  They are all in folders but are still also in the library...
06/30/2016 06:21:22
Method 1 is what I use but to say it's only the books you purchase from Amazon is WRONG.
Maybe involving the cloud yes but I HATE the cloud. I download books from the library or torrents. I turn off the cloud permanently and arrange my books into collections as I go. So to add another 1 to 3 books is no biggie.
11/2/2016 23:27:27

Hello there,

many thanks for this very clear and smart paper about sharing Kindle collections

Sadly on my side my new Kindle Oasis does not show up in the dialog window for importing collection to Kindle for PC. I do use last version 1.17.1 on Windows 10.

Is there an issue on my side? I just would like to import my Kindle Oasis collection on my laptop.


05/1/2017 03:54:31
I can't make method 3 (Kindlian) work. I have a paperwhite 3. I download and run Kindlian. I select "Paperwhite 3" as my device type. The popup that you show comes up ( disconnect kindle, tap settings, tap update your device, press ok ). I disconnect my kindle, press settings - there is no "update your kindle" option. I can tap "device options" and get a menu that includes "update your kindle" but it is greyed out and cannot be selected. I believe that "update your kindle" is only available if there is a new bin file in the home device directory. I know that is the case with actual kindle manual updates - you download the bin file from Amazon, copy them into the kindle home directory, and then and only then will the "update your Kindle" option become active.
In your (and the kindlian program) instructions, how are you supposed to select "update your Kindle"???? And while I'm at it, since you are instructed to disconnect your kindle, even if you managed to select "update your kindle", what in the world would pressing "ok" do? ( Maybe it then tells you to reconnect it or something??? )
So, did you actually perform the Kindlian installation? Does it not work on Paperwhite 3's ??? Was a step left out of your instructions? Please clarify.
07/26/2017 19:21:35

Yes, I'm having the same problem.
Kindlian tech support said that the latest (?) firmware - I have (May 2017) - has closed off 3rd-party access to the Kindle.

I really don’t understand why Amazon is making it so difficult to manage the content we buy from them. The Kindle interface is really kludgy, despite several years of incremental developments. Managing content on their website or via the Kindle Reader app is completely useless.

They’re too lazy (or incompetent) to develop easy-to-use interfaces, so why do they care if someone else does a better job???

I'm waiting for a response from Kindlean, but I would suspect that we would have to downgrade the Kindle firmware for it to work.

I think they might also be developing a different product that can manage collections on the desktop directly, a bit like iTunes (not that iTunes has an intuitive interface either for that matter....)


05/7/2017 23:59:09
Remember digital picture frames? They all could hold thousands of pictures but none had any easy method of ordering - and therefore accessing - this mass of data. Consequently, these devices have become shelfware. The need was so obvious but not one single manufacturer chose to address this critical limitation.
Now we have e-readers, most particularly Kindles. Again, able to easily contain thousands of books but after being on the market for years still offering no real method of organizing and accessing your library. In this case, they continue to be bought and used because they are sooooo convenient for reading.
I have several hundred books but I never load more than 10 to 20 at any time on my Paperwhite because I am not about to manually page through 500 books eight at time when trying to find something. That would be something on the order of 62+ pages with no organization.
I continue to be amazed that Amazon neither offers any CONVENIENT method to organize your library NOR will open the firmware to third-party developers.
This is so frustrating....... and so unnecessary. Can you possibly explain why this situation exists? Since you specialize in e-readers I thought that if anyone could explain this absurdity you could. I would REALLY appreciate a response, and I think others would as well.
Thank you.
07/26/2017 19:26:36

I'm with you on this, Jim.

I looked jailbreaking my Kindle, but it is so complicated (what with having to downgrade to a relatively old firmware version) and then installing several different bits of software in just the right order) that I can't be bothered. (I want a no-bother way of managing my content/collections, so why go to all that bother to reconfigure the software in order to do so????)

I'd be happy to ditch my Kindle device completely and buy another device from a different manufacturer if they made it simpler and more intuitive. It's not that difficult to rip all the content onto my local disk and then upload it to a different device if necessary.

I spend $1000s on books, so an extra $100-odd for a new device ain't going to make much difference! :)

Any ideas of non-Amazon readers that would be suitable?

06/25/2017 18:26:09
5.7.4 could jailbreak, but CollectionsManager.azw2 does not support this version.
BTW, I could download "Kindle Collections.zip"plgin.
07/11/2017 14:20:47
I have a Kindle Gen8 KT3 running FW 5.8.0.  I downgraded it from 5.8.9 and Jail broke it. When I install Collections Manager from above, I get an message on my screen saying FW 5.8.0 is not compatible with this version of Collections Manager.  Any suggestion on a newer version?
06/22/2018 21:17:18
Perhaps I'm Lucky bt I have had no real problems in putting most of my kindle books (700 titles) into about 45 categories (colections)in the kindle app on my computer. I usually access the book I want to read on my computer first so that it is my current book when accessing on my tablet or phone.
The problem arises in trying to place books into my collections because the category (collections) list is in the order in which I created each category (collection)instead  of Alphabetical order but I can find no way of reordering that list short of deleting the collcetions and re-creating them in alphabetical order. then I'd probably have to manually re-enter every book.
A really good addition to this 'tool' would be to be able to tag a number of books and then add them to a collection with juar one 'enter / add' command.
03/15/2019 06:32:39
Can items listed on my contents be deleted from the list once they are in collections folder?
04/26/2019 04:51:01
As so often happens instructions for adding collections bear no resemblance to my newly purchased kindle.
12/28/2019 17:21:20
epubor is totally free? That's a lie. This article is only PR for selling pseudo collector editing programs.
12/29/2019 10:07:34
If you are talking of "Epubor"(https://www.epubor.com/ebook-manager.html) , the management feature is totally free. If you want to remove drm with this software, you need to pay for it.
03/18/2020 07:48:14
I've been using the Kindle Collection and it worked good until I went to Kindle Unlimited and upon returning the book it also deletes from the collection. Was very disappointed; would like to find a place where I can list all my Amazon books that I have read.  Any suggestions. Thanks
06/12/2020 14:40:43
Why not use Goodreads ???? its there on Kindle itself.
11/3/2021 11:00:29
I create a collection on my kindle called "been there done that". Once I have read a book, I put it there.
02/3/2021 04:40:30
I have 2 of the old Kindle Keyboard 3's which has always suited my needs. I have always done my collections on the Kindle. I have recently noticed these can be done on the webpage, Burt when I look at the Collections on the web page, they are not showing, and there seems to be no way to synchronise from the Kindle to the web page. I could of course delete everything and start again (big sighs) and do the collections on the web page (presuming these will sync to my Kindles?  Or is there a better more simple less time-consuming way?
03/14/2021 21:05:35
Went to use FIRE this morning and it tis all screwed up. The first, was a change the home page. The change has made the it much more difficult to use has only three options.  The change this morning is the one that really BAD. when selecting library it is BLANK. Then must select VIEW ALL the view is all messed up. CAN NOT FIND SWITCH TO RETURN TO USABLE FORMT MORE ME.
03/8/2022 13:32:05
I have >400 books arranged in 25 collections on my iPad.  I don't want to have to arrange them manually on the Mac desktop version of Kindle but can't find a solution.
07/12/2022 02:23:06
Lorem ipsum 123 789
07/30/2022 02:50:19

Re: managing kindle from Amazon web site:
When I add a Test Collection in website and then Synch my iPad, it works fine and shows up in iPad collection.

However this is not true when I Synch my Kindle for PC. Nothing changes...WHY? Am I doing something wrong on my PC app.

BTW: all software is current.

07/31/2022 10:55:51
Lorem ipsum 123 789
08/8/2023 19:47:47
Still no way to manage collections (which include books not purchased from Amazon) on my new Kindle Scribe. I really loved the Kranf Kindle Collection Manager on my old Kindle DX. I could just put stuff in folders, and run it, and it just miraculously organized everything into collections. Is anyone working on something like this for the Scribe?
02/28/2024 17:00:47
I found my first collection went to 57 books and accepting more. my second collection stopped at 52. solved my problem by creating a third collection. all ok now thanks
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