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05/29/2017 01:54:33
If you follow the directions (download the Audible file with the Audible Download Manager, etc.) this converter works VERY well.  I've had zero problems converting my audio books to mp3 files so I can burn them to CD's and listen to them on my car CD player when driving.  It's the perfect tool for what I was looking for.  The $60 lifetime license (free upgrades to future editions) for multiple computers is an awesome deal, in my opinion.  Thank you, Epubor, for a great product.  My only request, perhaps in a future version, would be to incorporate burning software into the Epubor application.  That would make things moer efficient, only having to use one application for everything!  :)
05/31/2017 14:24:22
We are glad that you like our Audible converter. We've reported your suggestions to our R&D. They will consider your advice very seriously.
09/16/2017 22:19:11
tried to convert an audio book but it only converts the first 3min and then stops... the design is nice though^^
09/20/2017 15:11:47

The trial version only convert the 3 minutes of each audible books. Sorry for the inconvenience.

12/7/2017 07:14:30
It's not working. Only converts the first 3 minutes. Not usable.
12/11/2017 16:32:49
The trial version only convert 3 minutes of each audible file, but the licensed version will give your the full content
01/18/2018 03:04:30
I've only done the trial so far but will the full version capture the chapters or will it be a single audio file as I see in the 3 minute snippet?
01/2/2018 09:25:34
Great product and efficiently removes DRM. One problem is that cover art is now stripped off the m4b file. So, new files are now missing album art. Please fix for another star. Thank you!
01/2/2018 16:12:41
Thank you for your suggestion. We will report your suggestion to our R&D.
08/22/2018 10:36:12
Great job.
12/9/2018 21:58:16
Unfortunately it does not work. I would like to cancel the purchase therefore.
12/19/2018 21:43:16
Hallo, hier wird Deutsch gesprochen, und das ist gut so. Wer kann mir helfen? Habe mir den Audible Converter gekauft. Installiert und alles lief einwandfrei. Dann war ich so schlau und habe meinen Laptop  unter Wasser gesetzt. Jetzt versuche ich ganz verzweifelt das Programm auf meinem neuen Laptop zum laufen zu bringen. Leider vergebens, es erscheint beim Umwandeln nur die Meldung "Failed". Alle Möglichkeiten die auf der Seite von Epubor beschrieben sind habe ich versucht, nichts hat geholfen. Mit den englischen Antworten kann ich nicht viel anfangen. Bitte helft mir.
12/20/2018 14:19:31
I just check with our customer service and ensure they  tried to help you fix your Teamviewer but never received any reply since then. Hope your problem has been fixed now. If not, please contact our customer service support@epubor.com or skype: epubor.alice@gmail.com.
12/24/2018 05:43:07
latest version I have is   Every single time I need to use this package there is a major delay while I have to reregister, and re register   really sucks.  I am looking for other tools to do the same task. unfortunately I have not found them yet.
02/10/2019 06:46:24

I had high hopes for this software since Sound Taxi no longer works or seems to be supported. However, as I began to explorer this Audible converter I found that it is inaccessible for persons who happen to be blind, like me, as it is not possible to use a screen reader to click the buttons to make the program work.

What is more disappointing is that when I pointed this out to customer support, rather than discussing what might be done to fix the problem, my money was refunded and I apparently have simply been dismissed. This is no way for any company to behave in our world where Inclusion should be the norm. It is for the apparent lack of concern for access that I write to say that I cannot recommend this software to anyone. If a company does not wish to make its product work for all then the company should not be in business.

02/11/2019 10:55:23
Thank you for purchasing Epubor Audible converter.
First of all, we are sincerely sorry for refunding your money.
Secondly, your constructive suggestions has been well received. We will add this function to our audible converter.
Thirdly,  once this function has been added, I will write to you to let you know.
You can also contact me about this issue. My email address is epubor.iris@gmail.com
03/17/2019 00:12:50
Waste of Q@#@#$@ time!! You got to love these sites which advertise free conversions! Then just another scam!
03/27/2019 23:44:07
Doesn't work on audible files (aax).
I've been trying to convert an audible book for a week. Tried contacting tech support, sent messages, uploaded files. Still no response from tech support. Don't buy this software!!!

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