How to Backup Nook Books 2019

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backup Nook books

As what the image shows that, B&N has started sending out emails to customers that they will cut off the supporting the 1st generation Nook as of June 29. What does this mean? You won't be able to buy books from B&N any longer on your first generation Nook device! I've paid money for the device and contents why I don't have the right to control them? You may feel angry like me but here I want to let your know that the perfect solution for this is to back up Nook books!

backup Nook books

Except Amazon and Kobo eBook stores, Barnes & Noble is also one of the popular eBook retailers on the market. If you are a big fan of Nook books, I guess you must have got a lot of Nook books at hand. When reading these purchased or downloaded Nook files, have you ever thought about the safety of them? Are you worried about that your Nook books will disappear someday? And you cannot redownload and open them at all? In fact, we cannot guarantee the downloaded Nook files are 100% safe, Nook may delete our Nook content without any explanation. But what can we do to ensure we won't lose them forever? Obviously, the best way is to backup Nook books and save a copy of them on our computer.

The necessity to backup Nook books

Why we need to backup Nook books? As I have mentioned, our purchased Nook files are not completely safe, like Amazon or Kobo eBook store, Nook files are also saved in "Cloud" server of Barnes & Noble. How can we make sure it won't have any problem? Or it won't delete our Nook content without any notice just like the true story that Amazon deleted one of its user's books without saying a word? To protect our downloaded Nook files, it's essential to backup Nook content.

Besides, we cannot guarantee Nook eBook store will be running in a good condition forever, backup Nook files is a wise choice in case of Barnes & Noble will close down some day.

How to backup Nook books

It's not hard for us to find out that most of downloaded Nook files are DRM protected. How to backup Nook books? You may said I can sync them via Nook app, then copy them to another folder of my disk. But if Nook have deleted your Nook content, when you tried to open the stored file, you may cannot open it at all as Nook tells the server you are not the owner of the book. Because of DRM, it's impossible for you to view the saved Nook files. So removing DRM and make a copy of DRM free eBooks to your computer is the best way to backup Nook files.

Thus, an eBook DRM removal tool is needed. Here I recommend the professional eBook decryption tool Nook DRM Removal for you. It's an all-in-one eBook tool, which contains both DRM removal and eBook conversion functions. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the most powerful and handy tool I have used. If you are searching software to remove DRM from Nook files, why not download it for free trial?

Download the tool for free

Nook DRM Removal for Windows Download

Step1: Remove DRM from Nook books.

1 Download Nook books to your computer.

Updated 1/4/2019: Nook company has discontinued the Nook for PC and Nook for MAC. We recommend you download Nook books via Nook app get from Miscrosoft Windows store. Then download Nook books via Nook app.

2 Get the key file from epubor technical team.

Send your Nook account info (email address and password) to epubor technical team so that they can help you generate one key for you to remove the DRM.

Then, copy the key file to .Epubor _keys folder.

3 Add Nooks books to remove the DRM.

Drad nook books from the left to the right area, soon the drm will be removed.

remove nook drm

This nook drm removal is the unique tool which supports the nook drm removing 2019. And there is no need to worry your account security as it's just used for generating the key for yourself. More info you can also read this guide: how to remove Nook DRM 2019.

Step2: Backup Nook books to computer.

After we have removed DRM from Nook books successfully, simply click "Open Folder" to check your decrypted Nook files.

nook drm output

Those epub files are DRM free. Now you can save them on your computer, or transfer them to another device.

Download the tool for free

Make your Nook books 100% safe

Nook DRM Removal for Windows Download


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09/14/2016 09:15:26

Could you send "step by step" instructions on how to accomplish moving Nook Books to a laptop. Also is it possible to move the "nook" files to an external hard drive and use the external hard drive as a library? And is it possible to continue purchasing from Nook and transferring to the external hard drive. Can a device be interfaced to the hard drive to bring up a certain selection?
I ask these questions as one who is not technically savvy at these things do any help will be greatly appreciated.
Also do you have info on how to setup an online radio station or podcast ?
Thanks in advance.
I may have more questions in the future


04/1/2019 04:23:27
I keep seeing posts where you say to download nook books with the Windows Nook for PC app but HOW do you do that?  When I download them into my app and then sync, they are still not on my hard drive.  How do you get them from the app to the hard drive? Thanks.
06/19/2019 22:02:05
BN has as of may - June 2019 further encrypted their books and have apparently created a data base you cannot decrypt.
are you familiar with this process? do you have any solutions to allow us to download nook books?
06/20/2019 08:20:10
Thank you for asking. Yes, the Nook has changed its DRM scheme and there is not solution for now. But we are working on this issue. Once we have cracked this new DRM, we will  add this feature to our Epubor Ultimate. Have a nice day!
07/17/2019 23:57:28
I'm trying to use it for transferring Nook books to Kindle. When I follow the directions, Nook does not even come up as an option to enter my credentials. Has it been removed from the tool?
07/18/2019 08:23:54
Thank you for using Epubor software. Yes, the Nook tab has been removed because the Nook books have been encrypted with new DRM scheme. This is no way to crack it for now. We are sincerely sorry for this issue, but our team is working on this new DRM. Once this DRM has been cracked, we will let you know, ok?
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